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Nikki Cooper. Photographer of weddings & all things alternative, relaxed & fun. Based in Worcestershire, Midlands... works internationally.


The not so small print... 

It's really important to me that I'm the right photographer for you, and I want you to be 100% happy with the way that I work. For this reason I've put together answers to some of the things I've been asked about in the past. 


We're interested in booking, can we meet up?

How long do you shoot for?
We offer three different photography packages. The top two don't set any time restrictions in order to allow us to be flexible to the needs of your day. As a guide, we'll usually start 2hrs before you leave for your ceremony, and we'll stay until we've got plenty of evening coverage. How long that take totally depends on what you have planned. We won't slip away as soon as the first dance is done, because we love getting embarrassing pictures of your mates busting their best dance moves. 

What can we expect when you turn up?
Two friendly faces, who you've met and feel comfortable with. We're there to document but also to help in anyway we can. We'll chat to guests and generally mingle so we become less those scary people with big cameras and more like your mates having a laugh with you. 

Can we print our photos and share them online? We heard we need the copyright?


We want some group photos, do you do those?
Absolutely! Group photos of your family and friends are an important part of your legacy. We suggest keeping it to about 8 groups, as each group can take up to 5

Will we get a photo of every guest?
We do our best to get as many candid photos of your guests as possible, however we cannot guarantee a photo of every guest at your wedding. There's a few reasons for this... some people just don't like to be photographed and actively hide from the camera. It's also not our style to get head shots of everyone in attendance. We're there to photograph real moments, so rather than counting faces we're observing your day and documenting it in our own unique way. We'll always ask you who the most important people at your wedding are, such as grandparents, so we can make sure to get lots of photos of them. 
A great way to get lots of fun guest photos is to have a photo booth, or to put props on the table that encourage guests to take photos of each other.

Can we get all the RAW files you take?
RAWs are digital negatives that need to be run through specialist editing software in order to be useable. We don't give out RAW files as this isn't the finished product. Lots of care and attention goes into editing your photographs so you end up with a wonderful collection that tells the story of your day and represents our very best work. We'll take lots of photos throughout the day, testing the light and experimenting in order to get the best shot possible. A huge part of the editing process is selecting the images, and we'll never hold back moments worth seeing!

Tell me more about the editing process...
After your wedding Nikki backs up the RAW files in three places to ensure your files are safe. She then goes through all the digital negatives, discarding any duds and selecting all the photos that tell the story of your day. These photos are then edited in Adobe Lightroom, adjusting the exposure and correcting the colours, before exporting as hi-resolution jpgs ready for you to print and share online. We like to keep our colours rich and true to how they were on they day. Most photos will be provided in colour, and we'll use black and white either when the lighting is bad, or stylistically to highlight a poignant moment. 

Can you photoshop me?
Our work is authentic, and because of this we don't use photoshop to edit in something that wasn't there or to change the way a person looks. We want your photos to be a true representation of you, the people you love and the fantastic day you had. Of course if you get a rough pimple or a bruise that isn't usually there, we'll show discretion and usually edit this out of portraits. However, any photoshop requests beyond this will be outsourced to a specialist photo retoucher who will provide you with a quote for the work requested. 

Do you limit the amount of photos you give us?
Not at all. When we write up your booking form, you'll be given a minimum of photos to expect, but there's no cap on the amount you'll receive. The final number of photos will depend on how many guests you have, how long we're shooting for and what sort of activities or entertainment you have planned. 

Should we feed you?
Yes please! Usually weddings take place in locations where we don't have ready access to food, so it's easiest if your caterer provides us with a vendor meal that we'll eat at the same time as your guests. That way no one gets photos of them filling their faces, and we're ready to get right back to the action as soon as the meal is cleared.  

What happens if you get ill on the day?
Thankfully I rarely get ill, and I would have to be at deaths door to miss a wedding! But if the worst should happen I would call in a replacement photographer for you. I'm very lucky to be connected to lots of wonderful fellow wedding photographers, and I'm even part of 'The UK Wedding Photographers Emergency Cover Club', which has just under 2000 members. Emergencies do happen from time to time, but thanks to this wonderful network there's always someone willing to step in. 

What happens if your equipment gets ill on the day?
We bring back up camera bodies, lenses and lighting to every wedding. So if something breaks we'll probably have an 'oh f***' moment. But then we'll pick up our replacement kit and crack on.