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Nikki Cooper. Photographer of weddings & all things alternative, relaxed & fun. Based in Worcestershire, Midlands... works internationally.


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Nikki Cooper

I've written and rewritten the intro to this post so many times... so I'm just going to stop and say how I feel... I feel so incredibly blessed.
I've never actually sat now and done a round up post before, but I'm so glad I've done it for 2015 as it's really reminded me why I love what I do so much. It's bloody hard to curate your own work, and select 'your best'... sometimes as a wedding photographer, you feel the industry pressure to present purely epic shots; and whilst I do love an epic mountain top photo as much as the next Instagram addict, that isn't really what wedding photography is about, at least not for us. For Ben and I, these shots are why we do what we do... the hugs, the tears, the crazy dance moves. The connection. That's what we love.
We're so thankful to each and every one of the couples who invited us to share in their lives for a day. (Seriously guys, we're so glad we got the chance to know you)... 

Nick + Suzanne

Nikki Cooper

A few weeks back I met up with Nick and Suzanne for their engagement shoot in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. They started the day by choosing their wedding rings and I caught up on all their wonderful wedding plans before getting them in front of the camera. A lot of couples tell me they’re nervous before an engagement shoot, but it’s never as scary as they think. Mostly it's just about relaxing and interacting with each other so I can catch those little moments that really capture your relationship. I love watching how people ease into a shoot, and really start enjoying it. Luckily we got some amazing light and they both rocked the shoot like pros! I can't wait for their wedding in May x