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Nikki Cooper. Photographer of weddings & all things alternative, relaxed & fun. Based in Worcestershire, Midlands... works internationally.

Dracula's Bride...


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Dracula's Bride...

Nikki Cooper

I've been waiting to share this one, and Halloween seemed like the perfect time to reveal the Dracula's Bride shoot I was lucky enough to be a part of way back in May. Created by the lovely Lisa Devlin at Photography Farm, the aim of the shoot was to encourage us all to push our creative boundaries. As we began shooting the beautiful Shannon lying in wait, the weather set the mood as the clouds gathered and the rain began to fall on the small window that lit the room... the atmosphere was incredible, and embracing the dark and the shadows was surprisingly easy. By the time we stepped outside the clouds had cleared... just what every bride hopes for on her wedding day... 

(Don't miss the incredible film made by Long Haul Films at the end. It'll give you goosebumps!)