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Nikki Cooper. Photographer of weddings & all things alternative, relaxed & fun. Based in Worcestershire, Midlands... works internationally.

Emma Case Wedding Photography Workshop


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Emma Case Wedding Photography Workshop

Nikki Cooper

Last week I wrote quite a personal post about how Emma Case's wedding workshop opened my eyes to why I value photography so much.
It took quite a bit of courage to put that post out there, but I'm so glad I did. The response reminded me that actually most people are pretty lovely; and if you can trust yourself to just be yourself you'll find those like-minded beings that get exactly where you're coming from. And that feels pretty damn good...

Now, onto the exciting bit of the workshop... Shooting a couple! (With our cameras obvs). Never one to do things by halves, Emma only bloody brought Kat and Gareth from Rock n Roll Bride to model for us. Once I'd got over being a fan girl and reminded myself that Kat and Gareth are in fact just humans... I pricked up my ears and readied my camera...

I got some great tips for putting people at their ease, looking for the light, and remembering those all important angles. It was pretty daunting to get Kat and Gareth to pose for me in front of everyone, but I'm really happy with the few photos I got... especially that Polaroid...