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Nikki Cooper. Photographer of weddings & all things alternative, relaxed & fun. Based in Worcestershire, Midlands... works internationally.

Love Stories

Lizzie + Tom

Nikki Cooper

Lizzie and Tom's Autumn wedding day at the Mytton & Mermaid in Shrewsbury was pretty perfect and totally them. I have so much respect for people who stick two fingers up to tradition and design a day suited to them and their loved ones - Tom and Lizzie did just that. From involving their beautiful doggy in the celebrations, to kicking the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony - it was a wonderfully unique and laid back day. I know Lizzie and Tom won't mind me telling you how nervous they were about being centre of attention on their wedding day. When they first got in touch they shared their worries about how awkward they felt having their photograph taken and whether this would affect their couple photos. Of course on the day they had nothing to worry about at all. We decided to do a first look, so not only could they manage those pre-ceremony nerves better, but we could also do their couple photos first so they didn't interrupt the day at all. The timing couldn't have been better to grab that gorgeous golden Autumn light. Thank you so much to Tom and Lizzie for sharing their day with me x

Emma + Paul

Nikki Cooper

At the end of November Ben and I woke up to a thick magic-like fog, we packed the car and set off to Elmore Court in Gloustershire to tell Emma and Paul's story. What a day! Blessed with the most amazing skies; from that magic fog, to a breath taking bright blue... to dramatic dark clouds... finally ending with one amazing sunset, and too right. This pair were deserving of nothing less than beauty to surround their day. A day filled with emotion, endless cute kid moments and so much love - we wish Emma, Paul and little Jacob a lifetime of love laughter and adventure together. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us x

Janine + Andy (part 1)

Nikki Cooper

It's not often that you get a glimpse into all the hard work and preparation that goes into making a wedding day happen. Months (sometimes years) of planning... how to express who you both are, what you love, how you met, the things that you know your guests will appreciate... Once the big day rolls around all that planning, all that angst melts away. You feel nervous, you say important words, you laugh, you cry, you hug really tight and then you party really hard!
For some couples, documenting the setting-up of the wedding day is an important part of their story. I'm so glad I was able to capture a small part of Janine and Andy's effort into making their wedding day as amazing as it was. I still can't get over the personalised favours Janine made for everyone!! It was such a team effort and lovely to see both families working together to help celebrate the beginning of Janine and Andy's lives together :)

Here's part 1 of their story...

Lucy + Scott

Nikki Cooper

On 12th July Ben and I headed south to Horsham to document two wonderful people promise to share their lives together. What a day. The sun didn't stop shining and Lucy didn't stop grinning!! It's easy to see where baby Noah gets his happy vibes from... the happiest baby I've ever met. No tears during the ceremony, which was held at Horsham Registry Office, and he even kept a smile during the best mans speech which lasted over half an hour! Holding the record for longest speech so far ;)
The reception was held at the pub where Lucy and Scott fell in love - The Crabtree is a beautiful little venue, with signs hidden around every corner, and an amazing chef... it was so lovely that they were able to celebrate their wedding at a place that meant so much to them :)

We're so thankful to Lucy and Scott for asking us to be a part of their day, and to their amazing family for making us feel so welcome x

Emma + Owen

Nikki Cooper

With a surprise arrival by helicopter to their reception, Emma and Owen's wedding day was nothing short of amazing. A big family affair, with good food, good drink and a brilliant atmosphere. The day was so laid back and Emma took it all in her stride, not letting a bit of rain dampen her spirits. Along with her four sisters, who'd flown over from Australia she looked absolutely stunning - and impressively stayed in those Jimmy's all day!! Owen isn't one for photos, but I think you'll agree that he didn't scrub up too bad either ;)
A massive thank you to Emma and Owen for sharing their day with me - I feel so privileged to get to capture these moments. Wishing you both, (and little Thomas) a lifetime of happiness together xxx

Special thanks also goes out to Nicki J Photography, who assisted on the day and shot most of the gorgeous rustic marquee details; and to my Ben for acting as chauffeur, general dogsbody and light stand ;)

Rich + Sarah

Nikki Cooper

I read a quote by Maya Angelou today that made me think of Rich and Sarah... "people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
This pair made everyone (including me) feel so welcome and at ease. I imagine if every couple approached their wedding day the way Rich and Sarah did there'd be a lot more laughs and a lot less stress! You see for Rich and Sarah, this day was all about celebration and making sure their guests had fun... and boy did we have fun! I loved every bit of their wedding day and can see a lifetime of love and laughter ahead for them... here's how their wedding day story played out...