Where are you based and do you travel?

I live in Birmingham Weddings take me all over the country and I've been lucky enough to travel abroad several times for weddings. Travel throughout England and Wales is included in a my wedding prices, and for weddings further afield I’m happy to work out a custom quote for you.

How long will you stay on our wedding day?

The short answer is as long as you ask me to. Every wedding day is unique and I really want to tell your story in its entirety.

For most weddings I’ll start around 2hrs before you leave for your ceremony and stay until I’ve got plenty of evening action. If you have something specific planned that you’d like me to stick around for usually starting two hours before you leave for the ceremony allows for plenty of time to capture the getting ready part of the day. In the evening I’ll stay until that golden window where I’ve got plenty of blackmail worthy photos of your mates, but before they're so drunk they're wrestling the camera out of my hands to take selfies... (yup, that will happen). Of course if you're having a special send off or late night entertainment, just let me know and we're happy to stay to capture it. 

How many photos will we get and when?

I don't put any limits on the amount of photos you receive. I aim for quality over quantity and you can expect at least 450 edited images from your day, (although it's usually more). Processing your image takes between 6-8 weeks. 

Are you insured?

Yep! I wouldn't work without insurance. I have equipment and public liability insurance, and can provide your wedding venue with the relevant documents should they require them. I also strongly recommend that you get your own wedding insurance too.

Can we meet you before the wedding? 
Of course! I don’t want to be a stranger to you on one of your most important days. Even if you don’t want to try an engagement shoot, usually we’ll meet up in person, have a look through some sample albums and talk about what’s important to you. Whether it’s a Skype chat or we meet up for a drink, I’ll be on hand throughout the run up to your wedding. 

Can we print our photos?

Are you insured? Yup, I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, so no need to worry! 

We’re interested in booking you, how do we find out more? Ooh, exciting! Flip the page...