A look back at South Korea


It's easy to forget some of the amazing opportunities life throws at you...

2009 marked the year I got my first DSLR camera - a Nikon D90, my dad bought me to document my trip to South Korea. The previous year I'd taken a similar study trip with Keele University to Singapore. I took along my trusty Nikon Coolpix and it did a good enough job of capturing my adventures.

Until then I'd been quite happy using a combination of Polaroid, disposables and digital compact cameras - but as soon as I saw some of the fantastic photos fellow Keelite, Allan Carruthers was taking on his DSLR - I knew I wanted one.

I guess, looking back that was a seminal moment. It wasn't so much that I wanted a DSLR - but it was the first time that I'd felt the sense of  urgency/desire/need to take better photographs... and what better place to practice taking better pictures than South Korea!