Introducing Throwback Thursday


My favourite season has arrived!

I don't know what it is about Autumn that cheers me up so much. It might be that it involves my birthday, halloween and bonfire night all within the same few weeks... but mostly, for me at least, it's a time to reflect.

Summertime is always so busy with having adventures, Autumn feels a bit like the quiet after the storm...

I experienced so many firsts in terms of my photography journey this Summer - my first international wedding, my first full frame camera, my first large scale corporate gig, my first collaborative shoot, and shooting interiors commercially for the first time. (All of which I still need to share online... soon, soon.)

My photographic journey suddenly took a leap forward and me being the self-critical being that I am started over analysing my work, picking holes and measuring myself against people who are much further along. So I decided to take a step back. To look at how far I've come and where I started. And to really remind myself of why I started to create images. 

Hence, Throwback Thursdays will be a weekly feature. I'm not sure how much work I've got lurking in the archives, but it serves as a reminder that creativity is an ever-evolving process. To kick off Throwback Thursday I thought I'd share my first real ventures with Photoshop.

Back in 2009 I held the exciting position of Public Relations Officer for the Keele University rock society, aka poster monkey. The status quo was to rip fantastic images off Deviant Art (bad I know) and throw some free fonts at them. 

I wanted to push myself to really create the artwork that people looked forward to seeing pop up around campus every fortnight. So I took my trusty Nikon D90 and created a handful of images that I turned into posters. The fonts are terrible I know. But this is where I really started explore the potential of Photoshop and my own ability to bring a concept to life via photography.

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