Flashing, pushing and getting uncomfortable...

Last week I spent two wonderful days at Photography Farm Elements in Birmingham.
Day one was dedicated to demystifying flash with Adam Bronkhorst. It's so easy to just ignore and avoid using flash, but I know I need to push myself to get better. To be the best photographer I can be I need to learn how to use all kinds of light.. thankfully Adam has given me the kick start I needed! I can't wait to get experimenting now :)

Day two was spent with Lisa Devlin, dipping our toes into marketing and SEO techniques; and learning all about how Lisa photographs couples. Jess and Rob, kindly did endless posing for us, while we experimented. Truth be told I didn't experiment enough. I went straight to my comfort zone and to the shots I know, which is something I'm going to be challenging myself on from now on.

One of the best things about attending workshops is all the new friends you come away with, (not forgetting the awesome goodie bag Lisa gave us!!). This time last year I had no idea what an amazing little community there is in the UK wedding photography industry... feels really good to have found it at last :)