Ranj + Michael

I first met Ranj way back in 2006, when we shared the same corridor in Uni. One night I'd been hit hard with freshers flu and was feeling particularly sorry for myself. Ranj looked after me and we bonded over her cheesy pasta... so much cheesy pasta! And since that day we've been friends. We road out some pretty tough years together at Uni, so when Ranj called me up to ask if I'd capture her engagement to Michael I knew had to been there. No cheesy pasta in sight, but plenty of good food, good tunes and happy vibes. I love hindu celebrations, there's a real sense of both families coming together to bless the couple and make sure they have the best start to their relationship. Oh and then there's the food, and the dancing... so much good dancing!
I was absolutely honoured to be a part of Ranj and Michael's engagement party - here's how it went down: