Rosie Hardy Wedding Workshop

I stumbled across Rosie Hardy by accident really. I was reading Cat Lane's formspring and she mentioned that this great photographer does wedding workshops... as soon as I looked through Rosie's flickr photostream I was on board. Rosie is well know for her conceptual photography, and has a brilliantly unique way of telling a story with her images... so when her Manchester wedding workshop popped up on 30th April I jumped at the chance to get involved.
was hoping to get some creative portfolio work, learn some more about posing couples and meet some cool people - I wasn't disappointed.

We balanced on walls, threw some balls at our lovely couple, stuffed our faces at Pizza Express and got spied on by a goose... all in all it was a fun day out!

Rosie know's just how to put people at their ease and it was really interesting to watch how she worked, which I can only describe as 'freeform'. She see's what she wants and she just goes for it! ne inspirational lady.

Now for the behind the scenes pics....