Janine + Andy (part 1)

It's not often that you get a glimpse into all the hard work and preparation that goes into making a wedding day happen. Months (sometimes years) of planning... how to express who you both are, what you love, how you met, the things that you know your guests will appreciate... Once the big day rolls around all that planning, all that angst melts away. You feel nervous, you say important words, you laugh, you cry, you hug really tight and then you party really hard!
For some couples, documenting the setting-up of the wedding day is an important part of their story. I'm so glad I was able to capture a small part of Janine and Andy's effort into making their wedding day as amazing as it was. I still can't get over the personalised favours Janine made for everyone!! It was such a team effort and lovely to see both families working together to help celebrate the beginning of Janine and Andy's lives together :)

Here's part 1 of their story...