Lizzie + Tom

Lizzie and Tom's Autumn wedding day at the Mytton & Mermaid in Shrewsbury was pretty perfect and totally them. I have so much respect for people who stick two fingers up to tradition and design a day suited to them and their loved ones - Tom and Lizzie did just that. From involving their beautiful doggy in the celebrations, to kicking the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony - it was a wonderfully unique and laid back day. I know Lizzie and Tom won't mind me telling you how nervous they were about being centre of attention on their wedding day. When they first got in touch they shared their worries about how awkward they felt having their photograph taken and whether this would affect their couple photos. Of course on the day they had nothing to worry about at all. We decided to do a first look, so not only could they manage those pre-ceremony nerves better, but we could also do their couple photos first so they didn't interrupt the day at all. The timing couldn't have been better to grab that gorgeous golden Autumn light. Thank you so much to Tom and Lizzie for sharing their day with me x