This is a quick form to get all the important details so I know what's happening when and I don't miss a trick. If anything in the form doesn't apply to you, don't fret, just skip on past. Feel free to drop me an email at if you have any questions about anything in the form.
* Indicate a required field... you can't skip past those I'm afraid

Please provide both your mobile numbers in case I need to track you down before the ceremony
I recommend keeping your group shot list to 6-8 different groups. Typically it can can take up to 5mins per group photo, so please make sure you leave enough time for them. When listing your groups, please include the number of people in each group and their names - this makes it much easier to coordinate on the day
I'll do my best to capture as much as possible, but if there are any particularly important details or people, please list them below.
Name and number of someone who I can contact. Who's reliable and will have their phone on them?
If you have one, name and number/email would be grand
If you've booked for wedding prep, who's getting ready at address 1?
If you've booked two photographers and would like wedding prep captured for you both, who's getting ready at address 2?
Ceremony Address *
Ceremony Address
Reception Address
Reception Address
(If it's the same as the ceremony just skip on past)
It's really important that I know what's happening when. Please include the following: -Time you're leaving for the ceremony -Ceremony start & end time -Time you're expecting to start your drinks reception -Time you'll start seating guests for food -Speeches -First Dance and/or any other evening bits
Use of your photos online
Online Gallery Privacy *
Your online gallery makes sharing your wedding photos with friends and family hassle free. You can either make it private so it can be viewed using a password, or leave it public so anyone with a link can view the photos. What privacy setting would you like?
If you'd like to make your gallery private, please choose a password. Something memorable and not too complicated ;-)
Final bits
Are there any restrictions on photography during the ceremony? *
This is usually only an issue for Church ceremonies, but something to check out with the person performing your ceremony ahead of the day.
Will food be provided? *
I find it's best to eat at the same time as you and your guests, as no one really wants photos of people filling their faces. A main meal and a non-alcoholic drink is all I need - so please don't feel obliged to treat me as a guest. I'm happy to be seated in another room or with guests, depending on your preferences and the space available. If it isn't possible to provide any food just let me know and I'll sort something out - please be aware that this may mean we need to go off site during the meal.
Use this space to tell me anything else you feel is important to know for the big day...